Sourcing Growth Capital For Your Small Business

Startups in different business sectors have different challenges. For some, the main hurdle is targeting a market. For others the hard part is developing a unique product or service. Service sector entrants face challenges with staffing. All the challenges are different, but the one thing that almost all small businesses have in common is the need for growth capital.

If you’ve ever made a pragmatic decision against something that would let your business to grow, then you know the value of growth capital. There are many different organizations and individuals who provide Investments for small businesses. When you identify the type of business you have and the type of people who would be interested in seeing it grow, then you’re closer to identifying your most probable sources for this essential resource.


If you don’t know where to turn first, look in the mirror. When you make a significant investment in your new venture, other people feel more comfortable joining in. That’s part of what being a leader is about: taking calculated risks in order to reap the rewards of expansion and success in your field. Even if you already have significant investment, it could be a good idea to use some of your own personal funds in a controlled way. 

Individual Investors

Wealthy individuals with a specific vision might be interested in your project, based on the mission and the design. Getting growth capital from angel investors is highly dependent on their individual politics and outlooks. If you plan on approaching one of these investors or groups, it’s important to have a clear statement of your mission. Another thing to note is that these types of investors often want to be involved in business decisions and networking.


Borrowing money is a good option to drive small business growth under certain circumstances. That’s because banks don’t want to direct your business or own part of the profits. However, loans shift a good deal more risk onto you as a business owner. One of the best ways to use loans is to increase liquidity, such as when you need to cover payroll. This will help you grow steadily and retain the intellectual and human capital you need to continue your vision.

There are many other ways to get growth capital for a small business or a new venture. Some methods work best before you open your doors, while other options are typically more useful in expanding and maintaining established operations. No matter where you are in your business, there’s always someone who’s willing to contribute to a great idea.


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