Equipment Leasing Benefits for Small Business Owners

When you start your business, one of the biggest investments you’ll need to make is the purchase of important equipment you need to keep moving forward. This is true of the medical, restaurant and manufacturing industries along with countless others, making this a widespread issue. Instead of outright purchasing their equipment, more business owners have begun turning to equipment leasing in recent years to get the tools needed for their day-to-day operations. Leasing rather than purchasing equipment has some real benefits for the modern small business, and helps growth and development in several ways, including:

Tax Benefits

When it comes to tax season, equipment leasing is one of the best actions you can take to save your business a bit of cash. Not only can you avoid paying taxes on depreciation and ownership, but you can, in many cases, write off your monthly lease expenses as operational costs. This can save you a huge chunk of cash throughout the course of the year and keep your cash flow moving strong so you can grow and develop more quickly.

No Down Payment

One big benefit of equipment leasing that no small business owner can afford to overlook is the lack of a necessary down payment to get the tools in question. This is basically allowing you to finance your new equipment 100 percent, and saving you a huge chunk of cash up front that you can use to help your business grow in other ways.

Tech Upgrades

Perhaps the most significant advantage of leasing your big equipment is being able to upgrade it at any given time. When your current lease ends, you’ll have the option to upgrade your current equipment to a newer model. This means you’ll never fall behind, and you’ll always be able to keep up with the competition when it comes to what types of products and services you’re able to offer at your business.


At the end of your lease term, you’ll have a variety of different options to choose from regarding your equipment. If you’re running low on cash, you have the option to cease the arrangement and return the equipment. If you’re happy with your tools, renew the lease and continue with business. Upgrading to a newer model is the next option, and one which small business owners value most.

Each of these benefits makes equipment leasing an invaluable resource for small business owners everywhere. Start leasing your equipment to save some cash and help your business grow stronger, faster.


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