11 Apps To Increase Small Business Productivity

There are plenty of apps out there to help small business owners increase their productivity. Sometimes it seems like there might be too many, so here’s a roundup of 11 of the best options on the market today.


This is one of the most popular utilities for accounting. It’s used by many small and medium-sized businesses, because it allows you to do everything from tracking invoices to paying your employees. It also shows you graphics to help you visualize where your resources are allocated.


This app is popular in the tech sector. It supports several notable globally distributed businesses, and it’s also useful for organizing teams internally in traditional medium to large size organizations.


This is the calling and messaging app developed by the iconic video chat company. Few messengers enjoy the reputation of Skype, due to its position as a pioneer in the video conferencing field.


This app lets you get a high level view of tasks and due dates in an intuitive and elegant way. It’s offered exclusively on Apple platforms, such as the Mac, iPhone and the Apple Watch.


The kingpin of online payments offers an app that can be used as a POS solution. The basic app itself is free, but make sure to factor in the percentage fee into your overhead.


This is another POS solution, with a small reader included that can attach to your mobile device. If you’re accepting credit on the go, this is a viable option.


If you need a note app, this is your cross-platform solution. It makes sharing between devices and users easy. There’s an enterprise edition that has a per month per user fee, but allows administrative features necessary to control security and manage workflows.


This app was one of the early entrants into the cloud storage game. There are robust features on the standard package, including free storage and virtually unlimited sharing. Organizations can pay extra to have the ability to administrate storage in accordance with best practices and protocols.


The app designed by the award-winning email marketing service allows any small business administrator to maintain oversight on campaigns. It also gives the option to make changes on the fly.


If you’re on the go more often than not, this app helps keep track of purchases. You can even link a business credit card to expense purchases immediately.


For those who need more focus, this app is a lifesaver. Stop dawdling and get to work with overviews of app usage and blocking features to deal with time wasters.

These are just a few of the many apps available to improve small business success. Add them to your toolkit and get ready to make the most of your devices.


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